1. The publications committee will be comprised of 10 people: Chair, Co-Chair, ACER Editor, ACER Associate Editor, ACER Deputy Editor, ISBRA Rep and 4 mid-career/senior scientists, plus Past Chair (1-year).
  2. The Chair of the Publications Committee to identify committee members (Co-Chair and 4 scientists) that represent the diversity of the RSA membership, with regard to research area, animal species used in their research, career level, underrepresented minority status, underrepresented minority status, and gender.
  3. Considering the need for continuity and expertise in journal management, members of the publication committee will serve for a period of 3 years, with the option for one consecutive re-appointment for a second 3-year term, based on the recommendation of the Committee Chairs, ACER Editor and Associate Editor.
  4. The ACER “Editors” will remain members of the committee until they resign from their editorial duties, with the suggestion to continue for one year beyond resignation to maintain continuity. No more than 3 members will rotate off of the committee in any given year.
  5. The "Chair" position will also rotate every 3 years (yr 1 chair/vice chair; yr 2 co-chairs; yr 3 chair, past chair, vice chair), with an option for re-appointment. However, the Chair will serve one additional year on the committee, as the past-Chair, to facilitate the transition in leadership. The Chair will appoint a new Chair with strong consideration of appointment from within the committee membership, based on the advice of the full committee.