“The mission of the National Advocacy and Public Education Committee (‘NAPE’) is to develop and disseminate information for informing health professionals, members of the public, state and federal legislators/officials, and fellow scientists about the value and impact of alcohol research.  The target audiences will understand, through our efforts, how our leading-edge research is helping find solutions to the problems raised by alcohol overuse. Types of actions that our members may undertake include (a) lectures and other educational activities targeting our constituent groups, (b) meeting with legislators and members of charitable organizations to stress the importance of research to address individual and societal problems associated with alcohol consumption, (c) honoring journalists and writers who are effective, through their work, in communicating the importance of alcohol use and its disorders and the need to research its causes, prevention, and treatment, and (d) any other activities that foster the primary goals of education and advocacy. Increased public appreciation of alcohol’s damage and the promise held out by a vigorous program of research and development will broaden support for funding to study, prevent, and treat alcohol problems.”


Lindsay Squeglia - Chair
Medical University of South Carolina

Meghan Martz - Co-chair
University of Michigan


Committee Members       Rotation Plan