Undergraduate Diversity Travel Award

A travel award opportunity for undergraduate students who are from backgrounds that are diverse, under-resourced, marginalized or traditionally under-represented in the sciences to attend the RSA Annual Scientific Conference and present their research during a poster session.  An application must be submitted by all individuals who wish to apply.  Poster abstract (required of applicants) must be submitted by the deadline specified each year.  Undergrads (within 14 months post-undergraduate degree at the time of the meeting) will be awarded based on the quality of their poster abstract and those awarded will be paired with multiple mentors who will help them navigate the meeting.  Applicant must be first author and only one application per person and per abstract may be submitted.
To view RSA's full Diversity Committee Mission Statement please see: https://researchsocietyonalcohol.org/diversitycommitteemissionstatement.

Current Undergraduate students who are...

  • From an under-represented racial/ethnic group: African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and Latinos (STEM guidelines)
  • LGBTQ individuals
  • Individuals with a disability(ies)
  • From a disadvantaged background


UGDTA includes up to $2,000 reimbursement (PDFs of original receipts required) or waiver of the following expenses:
  • RSA Meeting registration fee – waived with provided discount code
  • RSA abstract publication fee – refunded post-award notification
  • Taxi or rideshare services, excludes car rental and premium services
  • Airfare (economy class or equivalent)
  • Airport parking (5 days maximum)
  • Lodging (5 days maximum at an RSA contracted hotel(s); one-half room fees and taxes)
  • Meal per diem ($50/day, 5 days maximum)

Travel Award Application

Previous recipients of this award are:

2024 - Urelys Casiano-Esquilin
           Zaid Kamal

2023 - Rorah Ndungu

           Ariana Pritha
2022 - Matthew Lopez
           Alexa Soto

2021*- Mallory Cotton
           Juan Mato
           Michelle Montero
           Ivette Rodriguez-Borja
           Kyla-Rose Waldon
* virtual meeting allowed us to add awardees

2019 - Eliza Elliote
           Angelina Leary

2018 - Trust Opara
           Yolanda Segura