Videos on Alcohol Research for General Public



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Che-Hong Chen

Alcohol Flushing and its Health Implications

Jessica Cronce

Àlcohol Prevention

Maria Lúcia Formigoni

Dicas para Conversar com um Conhecido sobre como Diminuir o seu Consumo de Álcool (Versão Português)

Maria Lúcia Formigoni

How to Talk with Someone about Reducing their Drinking (English subtitles)

Maria Lúcia Formigoni/Marcela Tiburcio

Alcohol Research and Health Issues in Latin America

Thomas Greenfield

Alcohol Policies

Constance Horgan/Sharon Reif

Health Services Research

Katherine Karriker-Jaffe

Alcohol-Related Health Disparities

George Koob

Neural Circuitry of Addiction and the Dark Side of Addiction

Patricia Molina

Alcohol and the Endocrine System

Sara Jo Nixon

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Use Disorder on Neurocognition

Paola Pedrelli

Why and How to Speak with Your Child about Alcohol

Stephen Pruett

Alcohol and the Immune system

Vijay Ramchandani

Alcohol Metabolism

Lara Ray

Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder

Dipak Sarkar

Alcohol and Epigenetics

Helmut Seitz.

Alcohol and Cancer

Marc Schuckit

Vulnerability to Alcohol Use Disorder

Rajita Sinha

Alcohol and Stress

Jennifer Thomas

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Marcela Tiburcio

Tamizaje e Intervención Breve para Abuso y Dependencia de Alcohol en México (Versión Español)


Marcela Tiburcio

Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Abuse and Dependence in Mexico (English subtitles)

Marc Schuckit

Alcohol and Genetics, Susceptibility and Resistance to AUD

Aaron White. Recorded.

Epidemiology of alcohol use, dependence, related morbidity/mortality

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Effects of ethanol on the liver



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